Karen Roswell Photography - Photography to Soothe the Soul
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About Photography to Soothe the Soul

I am Karen Roswell. Welcome to Photography to Soothe the Soul.


As a Portrait Photographer, I feel it is my job to capture the essence of who you are. Having your picture taken, for me, is like leaving a legacy. I hear so many people, especially women over a certain age, talk about how they hate having their photograph taken.

And I found that, when you look back at old photographs, say maybe in your teens or twenties or thirties, you’re looking not just at that age, but you’re also taking in that era – the styles, the fashion – it encompasses everything. And so what I aim to do is to say: “Look, take a photograph of who you are today, so that your grandchildren, your loved ones can have that memory of who you are now – because that’s who they see.”

That’s why for me there is nothing more important than to photograph who you are today.